Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poor Hungry Souls

Right now I should be doing homework.

Right now I should be cleaning my messy, messy room. (In my defense, it's a room shared by two girls.  You wouldn't expect anything less than messy right?)

Right now I should be running my, well to be completely honest...I should be running my breakfast casserole, bannana, and ceareal off. (My church is much too good to us poor college folk.)

But instead I have come to you, My dear readers, whom I have been neglecting lately (refer to words above.)  It's not that I have forgotten about you, because believe me, I think about you all the day long! Yes, even in Animal Science my mind wanders to the blogging world, where all is pure, right, and holy...and usually has something to do with food...

I would much rather be here.  Writing to my hearts content about cupcakes, or a rodeo, but I'm afraid that can't be. You see, college is sort of, in a way, paritally, time consuming, and being the naive gal that I am, I was not aware of that. 

I'm going to be honest with you...It plumb tuckers me out.  I get "home" after a long day of classes, and not only am I famished, but my I'm exhauseted and have tons of homework to accomplish.  (Sometimes it gets done, and sometimes it doesnt...I'm not perfect people.)

But they tell me it's only for my good, and that if I want to make money, and have a life someday that this is what I must do.

I guess I believe them, and I guess I must do what they say.

So until then, as your sitting in your house, or office, not going to college, please think of us poor college folk, and find it in your heart to pray for us, or bring us food...whatever is more convienient...

Peace, Love, & Lasanga sounds pretty good right now...just in case you were wondering.

Sweet T

P.S. It doesn't help that pictures like this are haunting me on my computer....HELP ME!

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Tori said...

Sugar, I was in college from the time you were in first grade through sixth grade. That's forever, and mostly by choice I suppose. College is good for those of us who operate more on the black and white side of things. If I'm not mistaken your side of things is probably turquoise and hot pink, so I sort of understand why you aren't so into college.