Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I've Been a Eatin'

I think about food 24/7. (Sadly, this is the whole-hearted truth.)

I'm convinced that there is someone out there who sinks to this level too...(Anyone???)

So, I've made it my mission today to enlighten you on what I've been sinking my teeth into lately...and that's not just a figure of speech.

You can't really sink your teeth into coffee....but believe me, If I could I would. Understood?  And this coffee right here happens to be the most delightful I have ever had....EVER!

Since I'm kind of a sucker for anything made up of flour and sugar, I usually get one of these babies to go with my Breve...

(P.S. Breve is a kind of coffee, and happens to be what is pictured above.  You probably already knew that, but us country folk are a little slower to catch onto things...)

Scone meet readers.  Readers meet my baby, Scone.

This isn't the full scone, I got so eager when the Barista handed it to me that I dug in immediately, and forgot the #1 rule for all food bloggers: Click before you have bit.

(That's really not the #1 rule, I just made it up...I'm weird like that.)

Now speaking of flour and sugar...This little dandy was the best cake thing I have evvaaa eaten before!

It was moist, chocolaty, and had a gooey middle layer: My three favorite things in life.

Now let's talk about "real" food...

The cafeteria here at college really isn't bad ' fact I like it alot.

I like it alot, alot.

 This meal was the first meal with sides I've had in a while.  Now my soul is at peace again.


Shh! Don't tell my Dad.

(P.S. My Dad believes in the consumption of beef, and only beef. Amen.)

And lastly...


No day would be complete without them.

Peace, Love, & I believe in the consumption of food, and lots of food, Amen.

Sweet T

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