Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Dream Come True

I'm a simple girl.

I love God, my family, food, and the western lifestyle.

My dreams in life consist of me having a job that I love going to everyday, a family that is adorable (and they will be,) and a little house with red shutters, and a bright turquoise door...and maybe a few chickens? I haven't decided yet...

I have another dream too.  It's a little different than most peoples dreams.  It's very...um...what's the word I'm looking for? Ok, I'll just admit it. It's a weird dream, but a dream of mine nonetheless, and I achieved this dream the other night with the help of two very good friends.

This dream involves friends, fellowship, and waffles.

Yes, I'm afraid you heard me right.  I did just say my dream involves waffles...and not just any waffles but, Chocolate Chip waffles from none other than the one, and only, and magnificently tacky: Waffle House!

I developed this very weird, yet fitting dream last Christmas when me and my family went and ate there late one night.  I'm not sure why we did? But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that it was one of the best meals in my entire life! (Sorry Mama!) And it wasn't because of the food (even though I am partial to the Waffle House menu) it was because of who I was with, and the time we shared talking, and laughing at our tattooed waiter.

It was perfect.

So ever since then I've had this dream of eating at Waffle House at midnight, because apparently the waffles get even better then?

And you know what? That is the whole-hearted truth.

Check it out.

This waffle was one of the best I've ever had.

So I drenched it in syrup, and ate every bit of it.

It was tasty. It was fun. And it is something I will never forget. Amen.

Peace, Love, & My next dream is to wear the biggest, over-the-top hat I can at the Kentucky Derby.  This may take a little more time, and money to accomplish....

Sweet T

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