Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Son of a Duck

I don't normally take pictures of just anything...

And when I do take pictures it's usually of a rodeo, or (even more regularly) of cupcakes...(Forgive me, I know not what I do!)

So these next pictures were a very new experience for me, and no I have not lost my mind...well maybe slightly...I blame college.

I told you they were different...but before you go and accuse me of becoming a duck lover (they are kinda cute though, don't ya think?) let me 'splain myself...

You see, I am taking a media desgin class where more often then not we have an assignment due that involves pictures. Lots, and lots of pictures. This particular assignment requires 5 different pictures:

  • Establishing Shot
  • Still Life
  • Detail Shot
  • Portrait
  • Action Shot 
Easy enough right? Sure.

But then my professor threw in this curve ball: They must all tell a story.

Usually I'm a very imaginiative person, but when you live in a dorm, and are on a time crunch to get this done, your imagination kind of goes out the window, and convenience comes into play, which is exactly why I chose to force my roommate to go feed ducks with me at the local park.  She finally agreed (No I didn't threaten her. Why? Have you talked to someone??) and we ventured off to the duck world.

And her is my Duck story told in pictures.


One time, there was a beautiful maiden named (We will go with "Ducky" for now, because honestly names aren't a major concern right now...) Ducky had a love for ducks.  A love that was so strong, she had vowed very early in life to feed the lovely creatures everyday for the rest of her time on this earth.  So thats exactly what she did....

(She fed them Kashi.  Her favorite cereal, because it's full of 7 whole grains.)

The water was always quiet right when Ducky got there. Everything was still, and peaceful...

But then sudenly, Ducky would spring everything forth from its slumbering state by tossing the cereal to the cold, quiet waters, making everything come alive.

The ducks really did love Ducky (go figure.) but as they say, "All good things must come to an end." so in the bright of the noon day sun, the ducks would venture away from Ducky out into the wild, blue yonder called Southeast Park.

This devestated Ducky.

But Hark!

What's this?

A token of gratitude left for the fair maiden, named, Ducky, who loved to feed the beautiful ducks.

The End.

Please contain your tears, "I have a strict policy that no one cries alone in my prescene!"  (Someone name that movie please!)

Anyways, that's my story, these are my pictures, the ducks are now my peeps, and if I don't have a roommate come the end of the week we will all wonder why....

Peace, Love, & Oh by the way, ducks don't exactly appreciate the 7 whole, wonderful grains of Kashi.

Sweet T

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