Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ode to Blogging






You might think these are words describing Kim Kardashian and her recent decision but, I assure you they are not...(Sorry, I usually try not to make pop culture references because "movies are just trash with naked people in 'em" but I couldn't help myself...)

These are actually words I am using to describe me, myself, and I's lack of blogging.

There is no excuse for my absence...well actually I have a very valid excuse: I'm in college...and college takes up alot my extra time.  This is not a fact I was aware of when I enrolled.  Why didn't someone warn me??

It's ok.  I guess I forgive you, but I'm open to bribes if you really want to get on my good side again...

Anyways, In between classes I ususally...

a) sleep

b) do homework

c) do homework

d) avoid homework

or e) for eat.  (This is my personal favorite.)

So as you can see all of this "necessary" stuff leaves little room for blogging, which is most definatley the greatest shame I know, because without blogging I am not me...

In order to ask for Bloggings forgiveness I took the time to write a little "ode" to it, and pray that it hears my plea.

Please sit back, grab yourself a cup of joe and a scone, and enjoy this "masterpiece."

Sweet T's Ode to Blogging
First Addition
*Insert other stuff real authors would usually put here*

Oh Blogging, dear blogging
You are much easier than logging.

You don't come even close to resembling timber,
yet I fall for you still, and this hurts because we all know I'm not limber.

You are handsome and strong and will never do me wrong.
But some people will cry if I write in you too long.

You let me talk about cupcakes, and cowboys,
and you listen to me complain, and rejoice.

You are my true love. You are my best friend.
And now I will say "The End."

The End.

I told you it was a masterpiece!

But now, in all seriousness, I do apologize for not blogging in at least a month. It is very shameful, especially considering that I am majoring in Ag Communications so I can someday be a journalist, which will require me writing on a regular basis.

Please pray for my future employer,

Peace, Love, & It feels good to finally sign out saying "Peace & Love" again!

Sweet T

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