Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day of Thanksgiving

It's November.

The month of thankfulness, giving, and food...lots, and lots of food.  There is nothing NOT to like about this month.

Today I get to enjoy all of the above because my grandma (Mom), my Aunt Erica, her baby boy Kuper (actually he's not a baby anymore, but I can still think of him as that right? Sorry...I'm in denial), and my Mama are coming to visit me here in college town.  We are going to be thankful to see each other, I am going to give my Mama a present, and we are going to eat food...lots, and lots of food.

It shall be a day of it should be.

Peace, Love, & What are you thankful for?

Sweet T

P.S. This is a scene from last thanksgiving...Be still oh my soul!

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