Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ranch Horse Shows

One of my favorite parts of the rodeos this weekend besides uh, all of it, was the Ranch Horse Show.

It's always great to watch everyone who comes out to compete, and believe me there are lots of 'em!

NOTE: Here's a quick definition of a Ranch Horse Show: They do their reining pattern. They work a cow. They rope. They ride out of the arena in glory. The End.

I also could be considered a little biast since my Lovely Sister, my Brahman Breedin' Brother, and my Top Hand Daddy all compete in it.

My Lovely sister competed against about forty men, and came out on top in 2nd place.  I don't think I need to say anything else about that right there.  Well, except for: YOU GO GIRL!

My Brahman Breedin' Brother showed for his very first time, and he acted as if he was an 'ole pro.  He trotted in the arena on his trusty companion, Pink Panther, gave the crowd a confident nod, and then blew us all away with how well he handled everything!  He was the youngest boy in his class and he got a notable 3rd place.  And then the girls went wild...

My Top Hand Daddy received a 1st place, a 2nd place, and then won the final show.  And I really hope he doesn't read this because he is so humble he wouldn't want anyone to think he was bragging, and I'm not bragging...I'm just telling you all how talented my Daddy is.

It's a daughters right! Right?

I also hope he doesn't read this because I am about to tell you what Daddy did.

My parents are pretty reserved people, especially in public.  They have this ongoing joke that someday when Daddy wins something he is going to look up into the crowd at my Mama, and she is going to yell "THAT'S MY BABY!"  (and the day they do that I will disappear from the face of the earth.) 

Well Mama didn't yell...but my Dad did, after receiving 1st place, look up into the crowd and make the famous Taylor Swift Heart Symbol.

You know this symbol?

My Mama laughed like a school girl, old folks sighed, and I excused myself while I threw up into a paper bag.

I know now that there is no hope for me...I will grow up to be a nerd just like my parents.  (Thank goodness!)

Peace, Love, & Nobody tell them about this...at least 'till college is paid for.

Sweet T

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