Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Legs

Let me just start by saying....


That is pretty much the only word in my vocabulary on Thanksgiving day.  Well that and, "Please Pass the Gravy."

This Thanksgiving was much like all the others, full of family and lots of food.

It was a very happy day, and at the end of it I was stuffed, content, and completely, utterly, Thankful. Also much like all the others...

My sister, my Mama, and I had a blast putting the feast together.

We all put a little effort into every dish, and they all came out delicious.  Not to toot my own horn or anything...

My Mama did the turkey all by herself (isn't she a big girl?) and it came out Marvelous! Just Marvelous Darling! (Did I mention I watched Gone with the Wind all weekend too?)

We had help from Mom, and Gran on all our side dishes and they were Marvelous! too.

Look at that assembly line of food! Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is...How much longer till Thanksgiving? Oh yea, that's right. I have to wait 12 more months before I can consume my weight in sweet potatoes again...maybe that's a good thing?

When I saw our assembly line I got so excited that I did my "country girl" version of the "stanky leg."

NOTE: I really don't know what the stanky leg is.  All I know is that I asked my roommate, Brittney, how to do it, and she told me just to act like I was squishing a cockroach.  When I put a little arm action into the "dance." She laughed and called me a redneck, and I ran away crying into my overalls...Just kidding.

I also got excited when my Mama gave me, and my Lovely Sister the turkey leg...

Forgive me.  I know not what I do.

And apparently my Lovely Sister thinks I'm disgusting.

But! I'll forgive her because it is still the Thanksgiving Season, as it always should be, and I am thankful I have her to rebuke me in public before I dive head first into a Turkey leg. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I am thankful year round for my Family...and Rhett Butler.

Sweet T

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