Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Western Way of Life

We're a Western Family.

We always have been, and Lord Willingly always will be.

Our summers consist of us going to lots and lots (and lots and lots) of rodeos.  Oh, and that's the way we like it.

We have our Daddy to think for this love of the Western way of life.

Because he loves it himself.

He loves that it gets the whole family outside, together, working side by side.

He loves that he can raise his kids in a small town, away from all the filth of a big city.

He loves that he can give them the opportunity to see how fulfilling it is to work hard all day long, and come home to a house full of love, and family.

He loves that he can have land that is his own. (Though his "love of the land!" is not as extreme as Scarlett O'Haras...Did I mention I've been watching Gone with the Wind ALOT? I thought so...)

He loves that he can have fun with it, and go to rodeos, and Ranch Horse Competitions year round.

And we all love that in this Western way of life our Daddy is a light.

He is humble, quick to be complementary, and works with all his might at whatever he is doing.  This all shows when my Daddy leaves whatever competition he has competed in with another 1st place under his name.  Don't get me wrong he doesn't win them all, but whether he comes home with a 1st place, or a last he is always pleased because he knows, as well as everyone else, that he did his best, and he did it for the right reasons.

Peace, Love, & I'll just leave it at that...

Sweet T

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