Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Start of a Rodeo Weekend

All year long we (when I say "we" I actually mean Sandhill Cattle Company which is my Daddy's Ranch Rodeo Team....I'm their biggest fan.) travel all over the country (when I say "country" I mean Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, occasionally Kansas. Traveling: I'm not always it's biggest fan.) competing in Ranch Rodeos in order to qualify for the big one: The WRCA World (Working Ranch Cowboys Association) Ranch Rodeo Finals that is held every year in November.

At our house this weekend in November ranks right up there with Christmas because we get to see family, eat alot, and shop.  The only thing that is different is that we get to watch a Rodeo at the same maybe it's better than Christmas?

This is something I will ponder later on tonight right before I exercise...pshhht! Your right, I don't exercise. Now that we've established yet once again that I have no athletic ability lets move on...

Tonight was the first night of this glorious Rodeo Weekend. 

It was the Kick Off Party that they hold every year where all the different teams can come and mingle before they go neck to neck in a fierce competition where ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!!! 

Do you think you can handle this? PUNK? Well do ya?!

Sorry I can get carried away sometimes....

I always look forward to this night, and I was really looking forward to it this year because all my family was going to come down, and pick me up and we were all going to ride together just like in the good ole' days! (Ahem, last year...)  Little did I know that they would stand me up!

I was all dressed up ready to go, when I get a phone call from my Mother saying that weren't going to make it tonight....

I was distraught.

I was devastated.

I ran around campus crying like a lunatic...not really, but I've seen it done before.

But right when I thought all hope was lost Tori Smith came to my rescue, and saved me from the thought of not going to the Kick Off Party.

And she brought her future movie star children with her.

Aren't they beautiful?

Winning a Rodeo is beautiful too...BUT even if you don't win, the fact that you got to spend many days doing something you love, with people you love is even more beautiful

Peace, Love, & GO SANDHILL!

Sweet T

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