Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've Made a Decision

I like pretty things.

I always have.

It's a disease really.

A disease with no cure.

Because there are many, many, MANY pretty things in the world, and most of them would cost me an arm, and a leg.  (Sometimes it would be worth it.)

This is one reason I love Bonnie Concho so much because we sell many, many, MANY pretty things.

Ahem...For example:

Aren't they...uh, whats the word I'm looking for?

Oh Yea!  PRETTY!

I look at all these fine pieces of jewelry and could cry.  (Sad but true.)

After many months of longing for them (I'm pretty sure I was coveting them, and that's a sin. Forgive me!) I came to a conclusion: I must learn to make them!

That's right, that's the latest decision I've made, I will learn to weld, engrave, and all the other traits I need to know in order to make pretty jewelry.  (And pray I don't catch on fire doing so...because it's happened before.)

Then I will sin no longer, and only suffer a little bit from my disease. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I blame Bonnie Concho.

Sweet T


That Blessed Girl said...

hahaha AMEN SISTA!

Jennifer said...

I have been on the make-my-own-jewelry kick because I like pretty things..and I would rather keep my arm and my leg. :)
I hopped over here from Tori's blog!