Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet The Flex

I have never ridden in a "rented" car in my whole life.  ('s the sad truth.)

I had always felt like something was missing because of there was piece of my "life" puzzle that hadn't been placed yet...Like I was being deprived of true happiness...LIKE I HADN"T LIVED!

Well all That is, until I met Flex.

Flex opened my eyes to what real life could be like.

He showed me that rented cars are for the betterment of mankind! (Especially Ford Flex's that are big enough to hold a family of five comfortably in order to prevent them from harming each other.)

He taught me that driving could be fun again, and that no matter how big, or small you are you can always cross medians in Arkansas illegally.

I now know that pickups are wonderful, but Ford Flex's that resemble station wagons are the best rented cars in all of America, Amen.

Peace, Love, & I think I've had too much chocolate today...

Sweet T

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