Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Steps to A Healthier You

The sick season is creepin' up on us, it's comin' closer everyday.  Even Autumn who is healthy as a horse (she drinks a Dr. Pepper everyday!) woke up feeling puny today.  Being the loving, affectionate sister that I am I told her what she MUST do to feel better....

1.  Watch Steel Magnolias.  It's a sure fire way to make you feel better.  It's Doctor proven that watching a movie (especially one of the best in the World) in times of sickness, does something for your health. 
Or is it Doctor proven? 
Yes, I think it is...
Well, If it's not it should be.

2.  Eat something good for your soul. Preferably, chicken soup...If chicken soup can't cure you then what can? Can chocolate?  Can Meatloaf?  What about Strawberry-Lemonade?
These are questions that plague me....

3.  Put on something pretty.  Dressin' yourself up makes you feel like a new person, especially for Autumn, it makes her giddy....more than giddy, it makes her absolutely chipper. This is also Doctor proven fact.
Or is it?
Yes, I think it is...
Well, If it's not it should be.

4.  Laugh A Little.  This remedy can cure anyone, even if you have whooping you all know I diagnosed myself with, earlier this summer...Yes, it was a trying time, but I got through it one Dr. Pepper at a time.  So Autumn needs to laugh...can anyone come make her laugh?
Because if I try, she might hit me.

Follow these steps, and you'll never have a sick day in your life again.
It's Doctor Proven.
Or is it?
Yes, I think it is...
Well, If it isn't it should be.

Peace, Love, & You should listen to me

Sweet T

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