Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Problem of All Problems

I have a problem.
A major problem.
A gigantic problem.
A problem so enormous, I might not live through it...

My problem is I am not photogenic. (*Shameful sigh*)

Dreadful isn't it?

How will I make it through my school pictures?
My senior pictures?
My wedding Portraits?!

The world is coming to an end!

You think I'm being dramatic?

No friends...I am sad to say, I am not being the least bit dramatic...there has never been a more un-photogenic person in all of time. As you are about to see....

I have no words to explain this photo.....

All I know is that now I am going to sell all my things, change my name to M'Lynn, and move to Louisiana.

It's been nice knowing you.

Remember me, as I was before this photo.


Peace, Love, & Darn these Lazy eyes of Mine.

Sweet T

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