Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reaching the Top

Oh how I love the early morning.

It brings peace to my day.
It lightens my mood.
It fills my soul with joy!
(And it scares all who see me in the early morning...My spirit may be joyous, but I am not a joyous site.)

But alas dear friends, early mornings these days means runnin'. No not running....runnin'.

Four days out of the week, me and all the other Track Stars (that is a jab at myself, the other girls really are track stars) go a runnin'.
And when I say runnin' I do mean runnin'

We run.

And then we run again.

Finally, we run some more.

And we relax by runnin'.

I think I've been runnin' in my dreams. No foolin'.

But tomorrow we're switching it up a bit....Instead of running level ground, we are going to be runnin' up. Yes...UP.

By runnin' up I mean to say we are runnin' hills.

Now as much as this thought should scare me, it doesn't.
Or maybe it does.
Maybe it shouldn't?
It does?
Yes, ok it does.

But earlier in the summer I was conquered this fear (though it seems to have resurfaced) by climbing a mountain.

Not a hill.
Not a crag.
Not a mesa.
A mountain.

The thought of climbing a mountain seemed frightening, terrifying, and yes even scary. But I chose to be optimistic (after I cried for a minute or two), and with the help of my dad, my sister, and my brother, we climbed that mountain. And we were rewarded for our climb.

This is the sight that was awaiting us when we reached the top of the mountain.

Daddy sat and watched in disbelief.

Trail retold the story of the climb over, and over, and over again. Not letting us forget that he was only 8 and he climbed the mountain all the way to the top. He's a very confident 8 year old.

And me and Autumn just continued to stare at this view. Well Autumn stared, it made me dizzy so I sat down and tied my shoes.

Am I nerd?

Peace, Love, & I'm not a nerd...Right?

Sweet T

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