Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preparing for My Future

College classes...Ya gotta love 'em.

Or at least I do...
Why? You ask...well let me tell you there are many, many reasons...

1)They are online.
2)I can do them whenever I want.
3)They help me with my future...Thats what my Mom says.
4)I can do them whenever I want.
5)I can do them in my pajammas.

And I believe the absolute best thing about them is that I don't have to do them at school. Which explains why I am blogging during school...Yes I am at school right now, and Yes I am bloggin while I am at school.

But don't shake your head in disapproval before you know the facts.

You see I am taking a English Composition (II) class, and what better way to study for an English class then to write!

I knew you would understand, and I knew you would agree with me.

Thanks for justifying what others might call laziness. But I don't call it laziness, I call it preparing for my future!

Peace, Love, & The CLever Excuses that come once you have a blog

Sweet T

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