Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think I've been doing something terribly wrong.

I've been making huge mistakes.

I've been embarrassing all of mankind.


I've been embarrassing hippies & free spirits alike?

You see I always sign out my post with..."Peace, Love, & The first witty/interesting thing that comes to my mind."
But someone brough it to my attention that that is all backwards...Ok actually the person that brought it to my attention was a 2 year old girl, that was playing in the dirt with Scout.

And her pants read: "Love, Peace"


Have I been lied too?

Has someone played a cruel joke that could be harmful to my blogging career? Or worse my reputation?

Nobody wants a bad blogging reputation...

I am really at a loss for words now. Everything that I have been standing for (Peace & Love) is now on the verge of being untrue? Of being a lie? Of being a misinterpretation of what makes the world go round?

I don't know.

I feel so lost.

Pray for me.

Peace, Love,.....


Love, peace,.....

And......manufactureres that think they can disrupt the order of the way a lowly blogger thinks.

Sweet T

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