Monday, August 16, 2010

Defeat & Victory

First stop, Mimi's house.
And no folks, that isn't south.

Its north up the blacktop.
And we wanted to make it fast, so we didn't have plans to stop.

Our plans were ruined however...
When our vehicle decided it would be clever.

Sly & Clever that is, coming to a hault on the road.
Where we moved so slowly, much like a big, heavy toad.

Awaiting our heros My mother & I,
Sat on the side of the highway, only to utter a despairing sigh.

Eventually, after much time
We were able to leave, after the vehicle had cleared its mind.

Alas! We were on the blacktop!
And now we were determined NOT to once again stop.

Arriving at Mimi's we all gave a cheer,
because we don't get to see her but five times a year.

Hospitlality & great food,
lightened both our hearts & mood.

That folks is the tale of our first "travel session" last week...I thought it was best told in poetic form, because we experienced defeat, trial, and finally victory which as we all know our best told in rhymes! Thank you for bearing with me.

And now dear friend, until tomorrow...

Peace, Love, & Crazy poems you most likely won't comprehend, but Hey, who needs to?

Sweet T

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Tori said...

Is the camera still missing? I was disappointmented when there wasn't a picture of us chilling by "the tree".