Monday, August 2, 2010

Country Singers & Mustaches

Today Pop told me a joke that I would like to share with you:

Pop: "Summer, do you know what they say about me?"
Me: "No Pop what?"
Pop: "That my personality is what makes me good lookin'."
(Now I don't know who "they" is but "they" are very smart for agreeing with Pop.)

Now this led me to think of the connection between George Strait and my Pop ( I don't know why it did, but thats how my mind works...and it could be because growing up my mother was in love with George Strait, and had posters of him in her closet at Mom & Pops house.)

You see Pop shares a birthday with George Strait...they are even the exact same age. And thats not all they have in common. Actually they have a number of things in common...

1) They both are dashing fellows that wear straw hats.
2)They both are famous...George Strait is on posters....Pop is on my blog.
3)They both are overflowing with talent...George Strait can sing and pick guitar....Pop can farm anything and fix anything.
4)They also both can rope.

The only difference between Pop and George Strait is that Pop has a mustache.

You see? George Strait has no mustache....Oh, and Pop doesn't get airbrushed before he takes his pictures. Come on George, thats a little fruity don't you think?

And another difference...The most striking at that, Pop is my grandpa and I love him and wouldn't trade him for any old country singer in the World.

Peace, Love, & Men that are too old to be wearing makeup

Sweet T

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jtemple said...

Summer, you continue to crack me up or as my brother would say, you break me down!!!