Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Bad Dudes

Welcome to Alpine!!!

Home of Big Bend National Park!
Home of some of the biggest cactus you'll ever see!
Home of wild, western country!
And home of miniature horses?

Alpine = Cowboy country...does cowboy country = miniature horses?
It must at Sul Ross University, because there were the little, tiny things everywhere.

Most people think that little, tiny miniature horses means cute, approachable creatures...well these people are very, very wrong...

See this big, bad dude? (Well not's more a state of mind for him...not body.)
He eyed me the whole time I was taking his picture, and never smiled once. He just sat there frozen with anger...ready to attack at any moment. And even though there was a 10 foot fence separating us, I was frozen with fear.

So even though I was frozen with fear...I slowly backed away from this savage creature, and then ran to my Mother crying afraid the little devil would jump the fence & come after me.

I'm still dealing with my fear of miniature horses, but don't worry it's getting better everyday.

After dealing with the "leader" of the pack, so to speak, I met the "lamb" of the pack.

Adorable right? least a little bit...if you have an imagination...
But look at that mane! Have you ever seen such a head of hair before??

He was quite friendly too...and he loved Trail.

Trail desperately wanted to ride him. But I told him no...after the incident with the other miniature horse, I'm now wary of anything small, and semi-cute.

But this Mini-horse obviously had a heart of gold because he was decent enough to pose for me, every time I commanded him too...Thank you cute/ugly mini horse.

Alpine has many sites to behold, but the miniature horses are something you will defiantly never forget. This could be one 0f two reasons:

1) They scare you, & for the next week you have nightmares of little horses with long manes & fangs.


2) They steel your heart & you now want to go into the Mini-horse raising business.

Peace, Love, & Looks can be deceiving

Sweet T

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