Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tale of The Net

Catching fish.
Fly fishing.
Fishing with your bare hands.

Really no matter how you put it, or anyway you catch it, boys love to fish. And when you mess with there fishing...well lets just say they get angry.

You see, Trail has a huge net. A huge fishing net, that he loves dearly. He takes it to the cabin with us every year with the hopes of catching the biggest fish man has ever seen. This year he was as close to this "dream" as he has ever been (according to him) but it ended in tragedy...

This is the beginning of the end for the net. Trail was trying with all his might to hold on the beloved fishing net, but his strength was no match for the roaring waters. (Literally, they were roaring...I think the huge amounts of rain had something to do with that...maybe.)

So the roaring waters won. Trail lost. The net bent.

And Trail was angry...

For about five minutes, and then he found a fishing pole. Guys are so dramatic.

Peace, Love, & An Unnatural Love for Fishing

Sweet T

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