Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Smell of School

Ahh the fresh scent of school days...
Just the thought of waking up early in the morning, eating a nutritious breakfast of Wheaties and orange juice, and then heading down the road to the schoolhouse brings back many, many previous memories of schooldays...

Some of my memories are good...

Seeing old friends & rekindling old friendships.
Making fun of the teachers.
Getting an A on that "tough" test.
Making fun of the teachers.
Accomplishing a year well done.

Some of my memories are...well just plain embarrassing...

Hitting your head on the top locker (EVERY DAY) because you were assigned a bottom locker.
Falling in the school cafeteria on the very first day. (It was rainy out.)
Getting caught making fun of the teacher. (Over & over again.)
Getting an F on the "easy" test.

AND....many, many more memories...too many in fact to mention, but all in all school is fun, and well worth the long hours we put into it. And I guess it's beneficial in the long run...I guess.

Tomorrow I'll bless y'all with pictures of the blessed event, because there will be many, my Mother gets pictures crazy...and I'll also bless y'all with pictures of her crying because its unavoidable on most any occasion where her kids become a year older, so to speak.

So as some of you either send your kids off to school, watch kids go off to school and rejoice because they are no longer running down your street begging to mowe your lawn, or you are going off to school yourself, remember that there are good memories with school so make some!

Peace, Love, & Rekindling my relationship with cafeteria food

Sweet T

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Tori said...

Have a great first day of your senior year! I remember going to Kindergarten when I was a senior so we could have our picture made together. Oh and easy on the making fun of teachers.......