Monday, August 2, 2010

Beautiful Feet

Have you ever just stopped and took into consideration all the work your feet do? I mean think about it...whats the first thing you do in the morning? You wake up and stand on your....feet, yes. And what do you do throughout the day? You walk on your....feet, correct. And the last thing you do at night? Rub your feet! Because your dogs are barkin' from walking/running/skipping all day. Now even more importantly have you ever stopped and just thought about what you are wearing on your feet? This is crucial, because as long as your feet look can suffer through the pain.

Now when I want my feet to look good...I wear the all-time best "shoe" ever. They comfort your feet. They make your feet happy. They make your feet beautiful. And that!

I wear boots day & night.

Literally I do, I wear them ALL the time...

I wear them at work(That goes without saying...Duh Summer.)

I wear them at church.

I wear them at Rodeos(Again...Duh Summer.)

I wear them at school...Is that why they think I'm a redneck?

I wear them at the breakfast table.

I wear them to sleep in...Seriously I do, I have Houseshoe boots...I'm starting to think this is more than just an obsession.

And I wear them in the shower...Just kidding.

If you don't believe's proof.

This is me wearing them at work...

This is me wearing them to Church...

And its not just me...the trend has spread.

Now this picture is mainly about Scout...but see the boots? Yes, Autumn is wearing boots...because they are marvelous.

Lo and behold...more boots!

A collaboration of beautiful boots? Yes.

Well I think I've proved my point...I love boots....Autumn loves boots....Scout loves boots...America Loves boots.

Peace, Love, & It's more than an obsession, It's a lifestyle.

Sweet T

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Tori said...

Best post yet.....I think it should be in Western Horseman. Shall I call 'em up and enlighten them of your brillance?