Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beauty is Pain

If your like me, you probably have haunting memories of when you were younger and your Mom would get you up early sunday morning, wet your hair, and then proceed to french braid it. She would manage to get it in the perfect french braid, all while you were kicking, screaming, and thrashing around...and it would last all day. Even during your nap, which if you've ever slept in a french braid you know the searing pain you experince on your scalp... Yes, I have issues with french braids, but don't worry the therapy has been working...

Anyway, the first day we were at Mimi's, My Mother decided she wanted to french braids Scout's hair. So I decided if Scout could endure the pain, I could as well...

So here went Scout. She just climbed up in the chair, and just sat there...

What is wrong with this kid? Is all I could think, because when I was her age, getting a french braid was probably the worst thing that could ever happen to me....Seriously it was a form of punishment.

But apparently not for Scout. I think she even liked it?

And it was a good think she liked the torture, because it looked very cute indeed.

So now, it was my turn.

And after my Mom chased me down and made me sit in the chair, she french braided my hair as well....And no your eyes aren't decieving you, those are tears in my eyes.

Afterall, I discoverecd it wasn't as bad as I had remembered. And Mama did a pretty good job, seeing I opted for the difficult, and feared "Side French Braid." Kudos Mother.

So seeing that the baby and Scout could endure Autumn went next..

Autumn chose the backwords french braid, which is probably the coolest style. And while Autumn was getting her hair "did" Scout thought she was praying, or counting for hide-n-go seek, so she joined her...and then Tori followed, because she can never miss out on a game of hide-n-go seek.

Tori, also french braided her hair too...It's a trend!

And now Mimi!

ANd finally Mama herself.

SO I guess afterall I was a little dramatic about the pain involved with braiding, but oh well beauty is pain right? I thought so...

Peace, Love, & May all your hair days be beautiful

Sweet T

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Kait said...

Hahaha - I died laughing at the "praying" pic!! Looks like y'all had fun - and all yall's hair looks so purty!! :)