Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Band of Gypsies, and A Lazy Hound

Dear dear Readers,

I am regretting to inform you that once again I am hitting the road. We are traveling to the mountains in New Mexico where my Mom's family has a cabin, and that I am very excited about about, but I am not very excited about there being no internet/cell service(at all!) there because then I will not be able to write to you...but this is the price we must pay for living the life of a band of gypsies...not the life of a lazy hound.

Which brings me to the topic of exactly that....a lazy hound.

This is my lazy hound. His name is Max, and what a sweet lazy hound he is, but thats the problem...he's just a lazy hound. I say this because his day to day activity includes the following:

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • pestering the cat
  • pestering the other cat
  • pestering all of us actually
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • barking (occasionally, apparently it takes a lot of effort...)
  • roaming the yard
  • sleeping

No doubt you see what a busy dog he is (*wink*wink*.)

But nevermind his laziness, we've had Max since he was only a lazy pup and we all love him. (And even though he is probably the worst cow dog ever my Dad continues to love him in spite of this.)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention one of Max's hidden talents!

Yes I know...he's "special."

Anyways we cannot all be lucky enough to live the leisurely life of a lazy hound, so instead we're going to head down the highway again until next wednesday...So until then may all your lives have the promise of leisure.

Peace, Love, & Hounds not worth killin'...but we love'em anyway

Sweet T

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