Friday, August 20, 2010

Kickball. New Mexico Style!

Springer, Texas. Home of...well...pretty much Mimi & Preston, and a bunch of Texans that are just passing through heading to the mountains, which was the label we fell under when we went there last weekend. But nevermind the fact that we are Texans, Mimi & Preston still allowed us in their home, fed us well, and let us play kickball to our hearts content...which wasn't very long considering we had just eaten' about everything in their pantry.

Anyways...The Epic Kickball Game. Boys Vs. Girls. The Winners? Depends on who you ask...and since I'm the one writing here I will tell you, It was most certainly the girls!

And let me tell ya...this game was full of drama & emotion.
There were tears.

That is why Riley is running away from the camera. He was weeping uncontrollably because he just doesn't take loosing to a bunch of dainty girls very well.

There were high kicks.

And I hope after posting this picture, I don't get one of those "high kicks" to the face. Pray for me.

There was skilled ball handling. (From skilled grandma's.)

She could manuever that ball at a mad pace...Watch out for Mimi.

There was smack talking.

Don't let the "smile" for you, theres an explanation for that: If he didn't laugh, he would cry.

There were victories.

My Mother goes a little overboard with the whole winning thing, or more so, the whole beating Riley's team thing. Nothing wrong with a little healthy brother/sister in-law competition...but seriously Mama, go a little easy on 'em next time.

And there were (at times) crazy pregnant ladies, trying to knock down their husbands.

Tori, although she couldn't actually play, definatley aided in our win, because she would do everthing she had to to get Riley out...even if it involved pinning him down.

So thanks to Mimi & Preston who sure know how to show us a New Mexico good time!

Peace, Love, & Grown Men Don't Cry? Ha, yea right!

Sweet T

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