Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ranch Rodeos

Now as you may know, during the summer vacation months we are swamped with rodeos. Nearly every weekend their is a rodeo to be a goin' to...and not just any rodeo, a RANCH rodeo...If you have never seen a Ranch Rodeo I strongly suggest that you make it a point to go see one in the near future...It will change your life.

In the Ranch Rodeos there are the following events:

1) The Double-Muggin'

And no this is not a form of armed robbery. It is where there are two sets of cowboys horseback (Double). Both pairs of cowboys must head & heel a steer, than tie him down(muggin'.) It's a pretty interesting event that can get real wild, real fast. Lookin' at this picture it makes you wonder...How many cowboys does it take to tie down a steer??

2) The Sortin'.

This is where one man goes into a big herd of cattle and drives out (one at a time) 3 - 5 head in 2 minutes, while the other men, (or ladies in the case above) hold the other cattle from crossing the line. Sounds like a walk in the park huh? Yea Right! The sortin' is probably one of the toughest events in the whole rodeo, because its stressful for the cowboys as well as their wives...There have been times when I thought I was gonna have to sedate My Mom & Tori...

3) The Brandin'

You see, in my opinion the brandin' is the most stressful event, because it either goes great, or goes so bad your afraid to watch...which explains why I have no pictures of this event. Because everytime we brand it's either in a hard to watch spot, or I feel so sick I can't watch. (and the last time we did this event, I insisted on taking pictures and then we didn't do so hot, so now I'm against taking pictures of the brandin'...or even watching for that matter...No I'm not superstitious?!)

Anyways...the brandin' is where there are a bunch of mama cows, and a bunch of baby cows in a tiny makeshift pen. The main goal of this event is for one cowboy a horseback, to go in the herd and heel two baby cows (seperately) and bring them back to the "fire" (the fire is actually baby powder in a bucket) while other cowboys flank the calf, and another one brands it...all in 2 minutes...Cowboys all over America have shed many tears over this event...Just kidding, cowboys don't cry unless theres no food on the table, or if they have to go to the mall.

4) The Bronc Ridin'.

This is an event beloved by all...except, it seems, for the bronc riders wife, can't imagine why? But anyways...this event is pretty self explanatory, "Ride as ride can" for 8 seconds. This is a one man event...duh?

and finally.....

5) The Wild Cow Milkin'!!

Definatley one of my favorite events, but that is because I am not out in the pen runnin' around trying to wrestle a wild, mean, Mama cow.

And speakin of runnin'...

The cowboys do alot of running in this event.

They run to rope her...

They run to mug her...

They run to catch her...

They run the bottle (preferably) full of milk back to the judges circle...

And after they have gotten the rope off the cows neck, they run away from her...Naturally.

So anyway here is a little glimpse of what we do most everyweekend...we love it and I hope after you've read this post (Probably the longest blog post I've ever written! It must be my dedication & love for RANCH rodeo...) you love it as well.

Peace, Love, & future fun for all of you at Ranch Rodeos!

Sweet T

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