Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you like Sweet T?

Sweet T.

When many of you read this title you probably think I am very egotistical, because I call myself "Sweet T" even though I assure you that is not the case, even though my mother sometimes seems to think I have a big head...I have no idea why she thinks that? My heads not big, it's perfect.

Anyways I am Sweet T because of my dear friend Justin Schacher.

You see in Lazbuddie there is another Summer, that is a year younger than me...Now how in the world in a high school of 50+ students there is another girl named Summer I'll never know. It's probably because Summer is possibly the coolest name ever. Just kidding we all know Truvy Jones is the coolest name ever....

But anyways we were sitting in class one day and My teacher was handing out papers and since there are two Summers, there tended to be confusion when she would call out "Summer!" especially because both of us are blonde Summer's...I know I just stereotyped myself but this situation called for it...and anyways she started calling me "Summer T." well that would have worked fine for me, but it didn't seem to work for Justin so he just spouted off "Sweet T."

And the name has stuck ever since....

Now I know that's not a big elaborate interesting story, but I'll never forget it....mostly because then the other kids in class started being clever and changing it to "Bitter T", "Stupid T" and other cute little things like that...And since "Bitter T" isn't a good blog name, I was fast to say "I love Sweet T!"

And now I'll bless you with pictures of my nick-name giver and best friend...

No matter how hard I tried, the moron wouldn't let me take his picture. He must be camera shy....don't worry I'll get him past that phobia.

Still no luck...OK, now he's just being down right rude...who cares if I'm annoying him while he's eating & watching the rodeo?

Aha! I caught him, wearing Trails hat that is too small for him. Your welcome Justin.

Now Justin is great, and the whole family loves him...except, Scout.

I don't know what the deal is? Everyone time Justin get within 5 feet of her she practically goes into shock. Clinging on the nearest person by, and not looking up, afraid Justin will talk to her.

But somehow Justin is obviously good with kids, because before the night was over he had her doubled over with laughter...

How did he do it you ask?

Simple...It was Bubbles...and Scout loves bubbles.

So now everyone loves Justin...even Scout.

So thanks Justin for the nick-name that's stuck and fits me perfectly because I'm so sweet! Just kidding....I still can't believe my Mom thinks I have a big head...

Peace, Love, & I'm so glad I'm not "Bitter T"

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