Monday, August 23, 2010

Day of Firsts & Lasts

Today was a day of Firsts...

Autumns First day of High School.
Autumns First day at Lazbuddie High School.
Trails First day at Lazbuddie Elemenentary.
Autumns & Mine First day back at Cross Country. ( And yes it was as bad as I had imagined.)
My First day of my Senior year.

Today was a day of Lasts...
My Last, first day of High School.
Autumns Last, first day being a Freshman.
Trails Last, first day of being a 1st grader. (Hopefully....just kidding.)

But one thing that was nothing new was the picture taking. It happens every year without fail.

In the same spot.
Under the same tree.
Same faces.
Same time.

The only thing different? The grade & age.

Trail on his first day of 1st grade...accompanied with the same cheesey smile that we have all grown to love.

And also proudly supporting the Orange & Black Attack BackPack...Lazbuddie colors of course.

And Autumn on the first day of High School as a freshman, proudly supporting possibly the coolest outfit ever...Does she look like a freshman? Does she look older than me? Because people think that alot...I don't like it...She's also taller than me...I don't like that either...Oh well, at least I got the brains...(*wink*wink*)

This is me on my first day as a Senior...Proudly the supporting the fake smile and lazy eye I can't seem to shake.

And this is all of us. (See I told you she was taller than me...)

And this is Me & Autumn driving away...

And this is us pulling out of the driveway...

With the number of pictures my mother took of us leaving, you woulda thought we were leaving never to return.

Peace, Love, & First Day Photo Shoots

Sweet T

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