Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alas, an Empty House

An empty house with no food.
That is what I arrive home to, and comes with it a sour mood.

Where is my mother?
Where is the other?

The other would be Trail.
He is my favorite brother, can you tell?

Homework, or play.
I'll choose the latter, and leave the other for another day.

But what to eat? Don't laugh at my hunger.
It's what I get for running 2 miles asunder.

(What does asunder mean?
I really hope it is nothing mean...)

Ahh, how bout a peach?
No, it's juice sticks to me like a leach.

Then again, I'll eat no food at all.
Because of the comment Scout made, the little doll.

"You have a fat weg." She remarks to me.
I just laughed and then cried, because I considered it skinny.

So to the treadmill I go!
After I eat a scoop(or two) of cookie dough.

Peace, Love, & Thoughts that plague my mind

Sweet T


Tori said...

Hilarious!! I've been telling Scout that I have a fat belly....don't take it personal.

Summer said...

So your the culprit!!

And yes, I just commented on my own blog.