Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Thoughts

1) As I mentioned earlier, today was western day at school....So naturally, Me, Autumn, & Trail did our best to look the part...

Did we succeed? Autumn and Trail did I know....but do I look like a wannabe Dolly Parton?
I thought so...

2) Nebraska was calling my name earlier this week, so I've answered the call & I'm heading there this weekend.

Don't you like how I say "I" like "I'm" going by myself...well that's a misinterpretation on your part, because if you knew me well, you'd know that I can't stay at the house by myself much past nightfall, because I just know theres a psychotic intruder just waiting to come in the house and still our VCR. Yes, I'm dealing with my problems.

Anyways OUR whole family is going to Nebraska to a horse sale.

And yes thank you, I'm rather excited about it because...

1. I've never been there.
2. Its a weekend away from home.
3. I've never been there.
4. We have no food in our house & I'm hungry...Just kidding we have food, I'd just have to cook it before I could eat it, and I just don't feel like doing that at the moment...Yes, I'm dealing with my problems.

3) I have a newly discovered love...Elementary aiding!

It was a job that fit me perfectly....I got to tell people what to do, and then go outside and swing.

I think I'll major in that when I go to college.

Peace, Love, & I wanna be a Millionaire

Sweet T

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