Monday, September 20, 2010

My great-grandma, better known around here as Gran, is a wonderful great-grandma.
That's why we call her Gran, because it's short for Grand.

Anyways...Gran makes the best pies in the county.

OK lets be honest, she only makes the best pies in the WORLD.

Not kidding folks, one bite into Grans chocolate pie, or her coconut meringue, will send you straight into pure pie bliss.

Combining the essential perfect pie elements, she makes a flaky, tasty crust with the slightest taste of butter, and a hint of something sweet, and completely homemade. She then proceeds to fill the pie crust, with the PERFECT filling....coconut, or chocolate, they are both perfect....then topping it with the "cherry" so to speak, except this cherry comes in the form of a pure, white whipping cream....the perfect texture, the perfect taste....the perfect pie.

So as you can imagine when Gran showed up at our door today with two pies, I was one happy girl. I was so happy I think I cried a little.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie...I did cry...

And then I did a back-hand spring in our kitchen...just kidding I can't do a back-hand spring! I'd break my back, or my hand....

Anyways, now that my back, and hand are aching....this is the coconut pie....

Are you drooling yet?

Are you crying because this isn't at your house? Don't be ashamed, this pie is worth crying over...

And this being said, this pie cannot stand up to my personal favorite, Grans chocolate pie...

As messy as it looks (that's my fault, I just couldn't help should see my face) don't be fooled because this pie saved my soul...

It brought me out of a food slump.

It made me youthful again...even though I'm only 17.

It gave me a reason to get up in the morning!

It gave me reason to live!

Ok, so maybe I'm getting a little dramatic, but this pie is worth being a drama Queen over.

Choosing between these two pies is the toughest decision I've made all....well all year.

So in the end, I just had a slice of both.

Hey, don't look at me like that, I run cross-country...that justifies my eating habits.

I think....

I hope....

Yes, I think.

I think?

I don't know...I'm going to eat more pie.

Peace, Love, & I'll find more peace at the bottom of Grans pie dish.

Sweet T

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