Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photos of the Certifiably Insane

The photos you see above are pictures of either:

A) People who boss me around.

B) People who hit me.

C) People who make fun of me.


D) All of the above.

If you guessed D) All of the above you are correct!

You see the the first photo is of Scout, my young cousin who frequently runs through my house, telling me what to do, and to do it now.

The second photo is of Autumn, my sister that I mentioned earlier, who is very mean to me without cause. (I am perfect afterall, who would be mean to me??)

So seeing as this is the only way I can get back at the two of them for bullying me around, I posted pictures of them that will probably make them mad at me for......ever.

So lets enjoy this moment that I am "Queen of the Mountain" so to speak


Now that the moments over, you can find me hiding in my closet.

Lovingly Yours, (even in hiding)

Sweet T (incognito)

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