Sunday, October 31, 2010

Redneck Children

I've been spending lots of time just looking at pictures...
Evaluating them.
Admiring them.
Pondering them?

And so many of them confuse me...

What do they mean?
Where were they taken?
What is the subject thinking?

For example....

Please tell me what these redneck children are thinking?

Are they staring off into the abyss?

Are they staring off into the abyss wondering why they are so redneck?

Are they wishing they had one of those coats you see in L.L Been, that you would only need if you were going on a fishing voyage in Alaska?

Are they thinking they could really use a steak right now?

I guess we'll never know......

Peace, Love & What is an Abyss??

Sweet T

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