Monday, October 11, 2010

Sincere Apologies & the Life of a Tortilla

May I start with the sincerest of apologies my dear friends...

I have let you down.

I have failed to blog in almost two weeks, and of that I am ashamed.

It's not due to illness...even though I'm frequently accused of being ill in the head.
It's not due to lack of subjects...because I assure you my family provides me with a wide variety of topics.
No, it's due to lack of time...

You see, I am a High school senior involved in plenty of extra-curricular activities that take up well, my life...and that leaves little time for leisure activities such as: blogging.

I  promise you though I would rather be blogging than running three miles a day, but hey beggars can't be choosers.

Actually I don't ever remember begging to run?
But apparently someone thought I needed to...
Is that a fat joke?
I think so....
Oh well, at least I'm happy...and full.

Anyways, I hope you understand my predicament, and in turn, forgive me.
If not I'll say goodbye forever.

Just kidding...despite your wishes you can't get rid of me that easily.

Speaking of wishes...

Trail has had a wish for some time now, well actually it is more like a dream of his.

He dreams of owning the largest Brahman Ranch in the state of Texas.
And after he conquers Texas...America.
Not stopping there, then the World! Or this is his hope...

So every Brahman Ranch owner has to start somewhere...and Trail decided to start with very humble beginnings indeed.

He's starting with Tortilla.

And no, despite what you thought Tortilla is not what you put honey on.
Tortilla is Trails first investment.

And what an investment he was...

He provides four hours of entertainment.
For young & old alike.

Trail likes to feed him.
Groom him...just kidding, Trail barely grooms himself.
Sing to him...just kidding (again) despite what Trail thinks he can't sing, but don't tell him that.

But mostly Trail loves to rope him.
And he's not the only one, Daddy & Riley enjoy roping him too.

Please don't tell PETA.

Yes, despite his floppy ears, and hunchback, Tortilla is quite happy.

He gets all the hay he could ever want.
Plenty of exercise.
And unconditional love from his master, Trail.

Peace, Love, & It's a shame we all can't live the life of a Brahman.

Sweet T


Trail has high hopes of Tortilla growing up & looking like this...

& when he looks like this I am most positive they won't try to rope him anymore.

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