Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

Since it's Friday...

Since I'm still recovering from an overdose of Red Velvet Sheet Cake...

And since I kind of like all of you...

I am going to share with you some of my favorite pictures ever.

Starting with A classic...

What about this picture is there not to like?

It's beautiful, it's serene...

And the fact that this picture was taken only a few months earlier makes it even better.

I like this picture too.  It makes me happy. And it's everything a little boy should be: fun, determined, and confident.  Very confident.

Now this wonderful photo...

This is probably one of my favorite pitures in the whole wide world, and it's not just because of the little girl in it, whom I happen to adore, but also because everytime I look at the big blue eyes, and the bright yellow tractor tire, something inside my soul goes "Oooh, Ahhh" and then I cry a little.

When I was picking some of my favorite photos for this post, I told myself, I says, "Self, don't pick "food Photos" because you only like them because you have a severe, possibly life threating addiction to food, and they only make you hungry." but when it comes to this picture I just can't help it...

The colors are so bright, and vibrant, and fun that they make me want to sing, I'm not sure what song, but a Taylor Swift song would probably be sufficient.

And this is a moment that you are probably thankful that there is no audio system on this blog.  Your welcome.

The one word that always comes to my mind when I see this pictue is: JOY. 
How can you not feel loads of joy when you see this picture? How can you not want to take this precious, little boy home with you, and keep him forever....The only thing that is stopping me, and everyone else is his Mother, who might not like that very much.

This picture is so pure, so lovely, and so wonderful...I think I've said enough.

I kinda like this picture too.

It makes me laugh, because they are both nerds, and know it.

(So if you were wondering where I get the "weirdness" from, you can thank them.)


How did this picture get in here??

Who's trying to sabotage me?  Who is it?!

I demand an answer NOW!!

.......Ok, fine I give up...if you need me I'll be with my counselor...his name is, Dr. Pepper.

This photograph would definatley be qualified as a "classic"...well at least in my books a small book too, but who's keeping count?

Anyways, this picture captures a little bit of the feeling that my Dad has while he's competing in the ranch rodeos, and by looking at his severly, gritted teeth I would definatley say the feeling is intense...and that is what makes the photo flat out awesome.

Now this picture may not be very good when it comes to lighting and photoshopping(?) seeing as I never even used Photoshop on it, but nevermind those facts, I always find myself coming back to this picture over and over again, because it's people that I pretty much love alot.

Peace, Love, & I kinda like these pictures...they are my favorites.

Sweet T

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