Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Interesting Facts About Steel Magnolias

As you may all know my Favorite movie in the entire world is Steel Magnolias.

It is the best movie of all time, Amen.

It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, occasionally I even blubber, and it makes me want to rat my hair all day, and all night.  Yes, it's very dramatic

It's true that I watch Steel Magnolias year round.  Sometimes once a week, and yes, sometimes even twice a day, but what can I say? I'm a big fan.

My favorite time of year to watch Steel Magnolias though is during Easter, because if you'll recall it's when Anelle has her baby, when Truvy becomes "a chain!" and when Sammy is dressed in a horribly tacky easter bunny suit.  Bliss.  Pure southern, red beans & rice bliss. Amen.

So anyways, if you are as big a fan as I am of the best movie in the world, I have uncovered some interesting facts about Steel Magnolias that I am willing to share with you...

  • Steel Magnolias was originally a play written by Robert Harling.  Robert Harling wrote the play to cope with the death of his diabetic sister, Susan Harling Robinson.

  • The films setting is Natichetoches, Louisianna.  A real town.  I think I'm moving there.

  • The title Steel Magnolias actually refers to "southern-belles" that endure hardship, which means they are "southern-belles" made out of STEEL.  More power to ya, my sistas....Sorry I get a little carried away sometimes.

  • Julia Roberts won her first Oscar Nomination for her supporting-actress role, And to that I say "Oh get over it Mama!"  (Just kidding Mama, I didn't really mean that.  Please still do my laundry.)

  • This isn't really a "fact" per say, but it's interesting....My favorite quote of the movie is....drum roll please...."The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accesorize."  By the famous Truvy Jones AKA: Dolly Parton.  And to that I say, Amen Sista! Sorry I get a little carried away sometimes...
And there you have it. 

So when you go home today, don't hesitate, turn on Steel Magnolias and have a good cry, and then have a good laugh because "Laughter through tears if my favorite emotion." NAME THAT MOVIE!  (Duh....sorry.)

And if you don't have it on you TV speed dial (like me) then come over to my house, and we'll become Steel Magnolias together. Amen.

Peace, Love, & "I'm not as sweet as I use to be" - Ouiser

Sweet T


daenaaguilar7633 said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually Wheezer says that line, not Truvy.

Melissa Kinsey said...

Actually, It was Clarie that said it to Anelle at the Christmas Party where Drum announces Shelby is pregnant!