Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pinata Ice Cream

My household is full of Ice Cream lovers.

We eat it in the morning, in the noontime, at bedtime, during the winter, summer, during church (just kidding) but you get my point.

We love any old carton of ice cream, but to really get on our good side give us some homemade ice cream and then don't talk to us for about 30 minutes because we will be too busy devouring our one true love.

My personal favorite flavor (PFF) is My Gran's Banana Nut.  It is amazing, it is to die for, and I once ate my weight in it....

My lovely sisters PFF is Cookies & Cream.  Seriously I think this girl is addicted to it, because we can't go to eat out somewhere without her scouring the menu for anything even remotely close to cookies & cream....Girls got problems.

The rest of my family are really the true blue ice cream lovers, because they aren't partial to one particular flavor.  They just love it all...'nuff said.

So today We decided to make a quick batch of Butterfinger Ice Cream for lunch, and this plan would have worked out great, if not for the fact that we didn't have any butterfingers.

So in a moment of despair we tore through the kitchen looking for anything, ANYTHING! that would make our Ice Cream...well, the bomb.

I opened our pantry and saw Honey Buns, and decided that might be a little to chunky, and overall disgusting. 

I saw diced tomatoes....Then after I barfed I saw left over Pinata Candy! Bingo!

(The Pinata, God rest his sole...)

You see, for his Birthday The Brahman Breeder had a fiesta, and at the fiesta he had a Pinata that was full of candy that he later beat out of it...and this is the same candy that will make our one-of-a-kind Delicious Pinata Ice Cream.

We had

  • Milky Ways: Dark & Milky
  • Reese's: Simply Peanut Butter(y)
  • Twix's
  • And Snickers

And just for good measure I added the few oreos we had left in our pantry....

I had to beat them to a pulp before I added them though....just for good measure.

I chopped all the Pinata candy, and added it along with the beaten oreos to the ice cream.

And the outcome is.....

The ugliest colored ice cream I have ever seen in my life....honest.

The strange is though that despite how horrifying it is to look at it is a downright joy to eat.

So I salute you ice cream, for being sweet on the inside, despite your unattractive exterior.

 (No hidden meaning I promise.)

Peace, Love, & Don't judge an Ice Cream by it's color....

Sweet T

ATTENTION ALL ICE CREAM LOVERS: Before you consider serving this delicious ice cream at a dinner party, Ice Cream Date, or Brunch you might want to rethink this decision because some guest have been known to find this Ice Cream downright repulsive because of it's color, and storm out of the room in disgust only to find that they have no where else to go because they live there...this may have been a special circumstance, but none the less take extreme caution before serving, Amen.

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