Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brandin' Time

For the past three days, around these here parts, there has been lots of brandin' going on.

So naturally that means,

 Lots of cows...and their calves.

Lots of cowboys...and their hats...duh.

Lots, and lots of work.

And occasionally....Lots of cookies.
Yes, that cowboy is indeed holding a pan of cookies, because obviously men can't work on an empty stomach....who knew?

Brandin' is something that takes lots of people to get the job done.

Brandin' is also what the cowboys consider "playtime."

It's like what we women would consider our shopping time, but instead of being in the air conditioning, your in the heat, and instead of being clean, and in your best shopping outfit, your in the dirt, and wearing your leggin's so you don't get blood on your jeans....Ok, I lied it's not like shopping at all, except for the whole blood part...

Why are you looking at me like that for?

I'm not crazy, I promise. My counselor says so...

Anyways... I was right about one thing, these cowboys definitely consider this their playtime.

They all basically turn into big kids when you give them mad momma cows, bawling baby calves, and a hot brandin' iron.  They run, and jump, and laugh, and yell all trying to out do each other.
(They especially try to outrun each other when they see the cobbler comin' that their wives have cooked.)

Brandin' is something that the whole family enjoys.  The cowboys do all the hard work, (and occasionally the cowgirls pitch in their sense of style, and brains to make the operation go off without a hitch, Amen.) the wives do all the cooking, and believe me, their is A LOT of cooking to be done, and the little ones get to watch in awe as they see all the mommas and babies running around bawlin' their heads off.

It's pure bliss.

Peace, Love, & Oh, yea lots and lots of dirt was involved too....

Sweet T

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