Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Brahman Breeder!

Nine years ago today I was...well, nine, slightly chubby, very dorky, and waiting in anticipation for what was soon going to be my new little brother.

Little did I know that nine years later this "little baby boy" was going to be a Future Brahman Breeder, a wildlife extraordinaire, and the only little boy I looked forward to seeing every single day.

He is a boy of many, many talents, and is defiantly not lacking in confidence.

I make that assumption based on his wardrobe....he wears the sombrero pictured above almost everywhere, and it doesn't phase him a bit  In fact, I think he kinda likes it...

Not a day goes by that he isn't carrying some sort of creature into our house presenting it as a trophy, and then naming it, and eventually setting it free.

I'm beginning to think that he was raised by wolves...or monkey's, and every time I say that instead of being distraught he just replies with, "I hope so!" 

And then I shake my head, lock myself in my room, and cry because a nine year old is quicker witted then me.

He never fails to come up with a facial expression that absolutely stumps me...I mean, come on, what feeling does that face even describe?!



He just saw a lizard??

I guess the world will never know....

Oh yeah, he kinda thinks he's tough too....

But don't let the "tough" look fool you, this Brahman Breeder is the sweetest-hearted boy I have ever met.

That is except when it comes to his Macaroni and Bean Burritos, then he can get pretty nasty....

Peace, Love, & What would we do without little brothers?

Sweet T

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