Friday, June 17, 2011

Iphones & Jungles

I have been living in the stone ages...



Under a rock.....

But that has all changed as of yesterday at approximately 1:45 p.m. when I purchased this little gem....

(And it might as well be a gem since it cost as much as one, but that's beside the point...I just would appreciate some food donations as soon as possible. Thank you.)

Yes, this is the notorious Iphone, and it has sent me into shock.

It does so much.  In fact, I think it does everything for me now, I don't think I'm even breathing for myself at the moment so calling 9-1-1 might be necessary...Just kidding, it doesn't breath for me, and the day a phone starts breathing for me is the day I think I am going to have to go live in the Amazon Jungle to escape the pressures of technology, Amen.

While we're on the topic of technology and Iphones I have a few questions....

1.  Is there anything the Iphone can't do?
I mean really, I found an app that will get coupons for me...Coupons! What happened to clipping them out of the newspaper? But I guess getting them from an Iphone is a safer alternative....especially when you are as uncoordinated as doorknob....and I am speaking from experience.

2.  How many Apps can I get before I go insane??
This is a serious question, with serious consequences.

3.  How many times can you drop you Iphone before it dies forever?
This hasn't happened yet, but it is immenent.

4.  Does my Iphone love me back?
It hasn't been even 12 hours and already I'm in love!  Someone help me....

5.  Is there an "Im addicted to my Iphone help!" Hotline?
Just curious....

Pray for me....and my Iphone....and everyone else in my path.

Peace, Love, & I will see you all in the Jungle

Sweet T

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