Monday, June 6, 2011

Presenting: Bonnie Concho

There are a lot of things I pride myself in, whether it be wrongfully or rightfully so, like...

Being able to pick things up with my toes.  This saves lots of time and energy because, I don't have to bend down to pick up my fork, instead I can just use my toes!  Too much information?  Ok i understand you find me repulsive...forgive me.

Or, Cooking five different kinds of cupcakes at one time. Ok so it was just three different kinds, but my aching head told me it was five.

And, Paininting my toenails to a state where they are deemed proper for the public eye.  SInce I have naturally ugly toes, I usually just paint them a very bright color so instead of standing out for being ugly, and disgusting, they now stand out because they are birgihtly painted! Brilliant, I know!
Oh, and I promise I don't have a foot fettish....

And, Dressing fashionably.  Some people are born with outstanding talents.  For example Trevor Brazille is one of the BEST rodeo cowboys of all time.  You don't know who Trevor Brazille is?  Well, get out from under your rock, and find out!  (Sorry, that was rude, and hypocryictacal seeing as that I live under a rock too, so forgive me, I know not what I do.) Or, Paula Deen cooker of Southern food...The best food.  Or my, Dad who can train a horse for Ranch Horse Competitions better than anyone I have evvaa seen bafore! (And yes, I am byaist, and yes I do like southern accents...)  My Mama, who can cook, sew, and be the best motha I have evvaa seen bafore! (I get carried away sometimes....)

And then theres me....One of my best talents (self proclaimed) is dressing fashionably.  And sometimes, it's not even fashionalbe, rather it's what I feel like wearing.

Folks, I'm not telling you this so you might take pity on me, but instead I'm telling you this so you can join me!

You see, I dress in way that literally says "Be yourself" (I actually have a shirt that says that, Oh, and it has a owl on it too.) And I believe that is the only way to dress, in a way that makes you comfortable, and makes you happy....Oh, and that makes you stylish too. Because style isn't always about dressing in the lastest fashions, but more so dressing like yourself.

So, I suppose (or would hope) that you are wondering where I get my apparel, well ladies and gentlemen, I get my digs at the one, the only, and the lovely, Bonnie Concho.

Bonnie Concho isn't only the perfect place to buy all of your clothing and accessories, but it's also an image.  All of us at Bonnic Concho strive for one simple, little thing and that is: Being yourself.

Whether that means that you rope 20 head of cattle everyday, or take care of 20 children everyday...and if you take care of 20 children everyday you are officially my hero, and you can buy everything for free at Bonnic Concho, Amen.

Here's a look at what Miss Bonnie has to offer:

As you can see there is something for EVERYONE at Bonnie Concho, and as you can also probably see modeling is definately not my forte, but hey we can't all be Heidi Kloom, no matter how hard we try.

So be sure and come by Bonnie Concho anyday of the week (excpet Sundays, because that is the day of rest, and we at Bonnie Concho Love, with a capitol "L", are rest.) and be expecially sure to come by every Tuesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the rest of the summer, when we will be holding our Bonnie Concho cupcake party.  Free cupcakes...nuff said.

And be especially, especially sure to be yourself, B.C. you can.

(If you didn't catch my drift, "B.C." stands for Bonnie Concho....My mother is a very clever lady, Amen.)

Peace, Love, and why does everyhting I do revolve around cupcakes??

Sweet T

P.S. Bonnie Concho is located in Muleshoe, Texas on Main Street inside "The Studio."

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