Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boys & Bulls

My Dad has taught me absolutely everything I know when it comes to "cowboyin.'"

He's taught me how to look for sick calves.

He's taught me how to lope a horse correctly.  I know loping looks simple, but there is definantly more to it than meets the eye.

And he's taught me how to rope. That doesn't mean I'm any good at it, but it's not because of lack of instruction.

He's even taught me range eddicate such as:  "never ride in front of a man!"

Or "never ride off when someone is off their horse!"

And my favorite, "Don't get behind!"

But there is one thing he's taught me that sticks out above all the rest when we're gathering cows, and that is "NEVER mess with the bull."

This is one "rule" that I never forget because frankly, I'm terrified of bulls.  And no, I have never been attacked by one, and one has never even attempted to charge at me, but I am just a sissy girl so I stay clear of anything that even resembles a bull.

Ok, I'm not a sissy girl, but I needed an excuse, forgive me.

Anyways, you would think that normally the "teacher" would listen to his own instructions, but My Dad has always been one-of-a-kind.

(Keep that in mind as you view the next several wild & harry pictures....And no, they're not literally "harry" that's just a western term you use when something is...well, wild.  See? You learn something new everyday.)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...This is indeed a bull.  

A big bull.

A very big bull.

And what is my dad trying to do to this bull?


Trying to rope it obviously.

You see, as most me usually are, this bull was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so my Dad way trying to move it, and it absolutely refused.  So naturally, my Dad always itching to rope something, took down his rope and did exactly that. 

Along with the help of about 6 other men.

It was indeed something to watch.

It took all 7 cowboys about 20 minutes to even get the bull of the pasture, because bulls can be kind of persnickety. 

Good watching?

Oh, most defiantly.  It's being made into a motion picture as we speak....Oh, it's not? 

Well it should be.

Now, I say it was good watching, and it was for most of us, but as most little boys do, my Brahman Breeder brother got tired of it after about 10 minutes.

And this is the day that I learned the old saying is true: "Boys will be boys."

Or in this case: "Bull will be bulls."

or, "Boys will be bulls...or bullies, bulls will be boys?"

I don't know, Goodnight Chicago....Bulls.

Peace, Love, & Wild, and harry....

Sweet T

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