Saturday, June 18, 2011

4 Pictures

For the past 24 hours my Iphone has basically consumed me I am ashamed to say, but on the upside I can now take pictures of anything, and everything at all times.


This is El Burro.

Purchased for Brahman Breeder & Scoutie's birthday fiesta.

El Burro invaded my space all the way home from Amarillo, I will never forgive him.

This is the Brahman Breeder himself, decked out in fiesta gear, trying to nurse a baby bird back to health.

Brahman Breeder is one of a kind.

This is my Mama's pickup, and on her windshield reads, "One Hot Mama!"

It's what she likes to be called....Just kidding, I wrote it on her windshield with the Brahman Breeder's window crayola hoping to cause her huge embarrassement.

It worked.....and that's all I have to say about that.

Except for, this is the Brahman Breeder's version of "One Hot Mama!"....You've gotta love abbreviations.

Peace, Love, & The joys of window crayolas...

Sweet T

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