Monday, January 30, 2012

16 & Cake


It's my first love. (Especially when it is sandwiched between nutella and raspberry preserves.)

It's what makes children sing.

It's what makes me sing.

It's what makes the world go round.

Which is why this weekend, two cakes were made for my lovely sisters birthday.

Birthday 1:

A Surprise Birthday for my Lovely Sister and her best friend.


An "Owl /Clothesline/Sports Bra/Sock" Cake.

Sock...because the two birthday girls always forget there socks.

Sports Bra...Same reason as the sock.

Clothesline...because any self respecting person know that you hang socks and sports bras on a clothesline when you forget them.

Owl...because they are cute.


I told you they were cute.

Birthday 2: (And my personal favorite)

A family party for my lovely surprise involved.


A "Bathtub in Peanut M&M's" cake.

Bathtub...because way long ago, when my Lovely Sister had just barely hit her teen years, her birthday fell on a "Stock show Day." So instead of getting to celebrate like all the privileged children, she had to sit in the bath tub (Sulking) and eat peanut M&M's as her cake...a pathetic, sob story I know.

M&M'S...refer to explanation above.

(If you have never seen my Lovely Sister, believe me when I say that this fondant creature bares a striking resemblance to her...including the crown, and M&M's.)

As you may can tell, I enjoyed eating/making/taking a bath in cake all weekend.

It was a good weekend.

Peace, Love, & Happy Sweet 16 Lovely Sister!

Sweet T


The whole point of this post was to let you know that it was my Sisters birthday this weekend (obviously) and that I love her, and I'm proud of her, and she is smarter than I ever was at 16 (again, obviously.)


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