Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"It's a Western way of Life"

Over Christmas break we traveled under the bridge and, through the woods and, to Mimi's house we went...

OK, OK, it was more like we traveled through the plains, and over dry-land-dusted-with-snow until we could see mountains, to Mimi's house we went...Whatever way we went, we got there.

And we were welcomed with a beautiful snow!

This sight made driving through all the dry-land-dusted-with-snow well worth it.

As is custom when we go to Mimi and Preston's house we had a picnic.  Well, a picnic by our terms.

(Side note: Have you ever wondered why there is no "K" in "Picnic"? I know I'm no scholar but, it would be an obvious choice to me...There is a "K" in "Pick" and when you have a "Picnic" you are picking up things and taking them to a quilt to then pick up and eat?


OK, Goodbye Forever.)

We stopped on the side of the road, where the boys had been feeding and, ate our sandwiches and pie. (Because after all Pie is a necessity at any picKnicK....)

And the Brahman Breeder ran around in the snow, got it in his boots, and then his feet got cold, and I laughed at him, so he threatened to throw a snowball at me but, my Mother came to my rescue because I'm a wimp and, I stuck my tongue out at him and, ran away.

Oh, your family does that too?

Good I thought we were the only ones.

When we were leaving Mimi's she gave me about the cutest, turquoise stool I have ever seen (Really.  It was so cute, it made me want to relive my childhood just so I could grow up sitting, eating, and sleeping off of that stool.) to paint up for her.  And I gladly excepted because I am but a lowly college student with nothing to do...except college.

I went home and got to work right away on it.

And finished.

And then cried because I didn't grow up in that stool.

I like to tell stories through my paintings...even if I am the only one who gets them.
In this story there is a Buckaroo, and A Buckaroo's Gal (not sure what the correct term is for a Buckaroo's Gal?)

They fall in love with the same Bronco....

And both try to Rope it...for their own personal benefit of course.  They are a selfish couple.

So in conclusion: "It's a Western way of Life" and these Buckaroo's wouldn't have it any other way.

Peace, Love, & neither would I.

Sweet T

P.S. (This is the first time Mimi has ever seen her stool) Surprise! Your total will $10,000.

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