Monday, January 23, 2012

Cotton-Candy Sunset

Am I the only one who has been noticing these beautiful sunsets?

This weekend I especially noticed them.  I would just be minding my own business facing the East and, then out of nowhere I would feel this gentle tug telling me that I should turn towards the West because whatever was in the West would definitely be life changing, so I would then turn towards the South...naturally.  But then! Out of the corner of my eye I would see what awaited me in the West! A beautiful, cotton-candy sunset.

I tried to get my friends to join me in this new revelation that these sunsets resembled cotton-candy,

Me: It's so purty! It looks like cotton-candy...You know, all blue and pink and fluffy?

Friends: Uh, I guess.

Me: Come on, just look! Doesn't it remind you of Gone with the Wind when Scarlett finally realizes that tomorrow is a new day?

Friends: What?

My Sister: Oh yea! "I'll always have Tara!"

Good thing my sister shares my infinity for southern movies...otherwise, whatever would I do?

Peace, Love, & She shares my infinity for cupcakes too. Amen.

Sweet T

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