Thursday, April 26, 2012

1400 Pictures

I plugged my IPhone into my computer today for the first time in, well...ever.

The results were shocking.

I did not know that you could download ALL your pictures and ALL your videos to your computer from your IPhone.  All this time I have been lost, emailing myself pictures so that I could blog with them, fighting the horrid conditions that come along with emails, and cursing the day that technology came to be...Simply because we (technology and I) don't get along so well.  Never fear though, I now feel that my soul is complete, because I never have to send another email again. Amen.

Unless, of course, the President or Dolly Parton emails me. (Fingers Crossed.)

Now here is where things get embarrassing.

I had 1,349 pictures and, 52 videos on my phone.

How in the world does that happen?

This is the first picture I ever took with Iris the IPhone. (Oh by the way, I name everything...I'm weird like that.)

It's of my sweet cousin, whom I love dearly because he is precious, precious, and precious.

This is the most recent picture I took with Iris.

It was during class, and my attention was devoted fully to my teacher as you can tell.

This is a picture of a crazy lady trying to dance.  Which she can't and never will be able to do. Amen.

This is a picture resembling something you would see on Animal Planet.

This is one of my favorite pictures on Iris.  My Brahman Breedin' brother is one cool cat...but don't tell him I said that.

I take alot of pictures like this one...

They make my soul sing.

I take alot of pictures like this too.  That's because I eat a lot of things like this, and I eat alot of things like this because my new favorite saying is YOLO. (You Only Live Once...this is a very good saying when it comes to food. Amen.)

This picture is of my Daddy at Oklahoma City.  He's a cool cat too.

I took this picture because it is of my baby, Consuela.  'Nuff said.

You know...I'm not quite sure why this picture was taken...


Moving on...

And we will end with this picture.

Because it's cute.

Because it's recent.

And because If I post another picture of delicious food we will all regret it.

Goodbye forever.

Peace, Love, & Now I have to go and delete approximately 1400 pictures.

Sweet T

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