Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday.  Mom is my Grandma, who acts and looks much to young to be a Grandma.  So in honor of Mom today I am listing some fun facts about her that everyone should know.  Actually, everyone should just get to know Mom, because she is a wonderful lady whom I love very much.  And no, I am not bias just because I grew up on the slide outside of her house...Ok, yes I am.

Mom is lovely...

And Sweet...

And funny...

And loves to shop...

And loves her grand kids.

(Especially her eldest...just kidding...kind of.)

She is married to an 'ole poot named Pop.

She has 3 kids...they are all slackers. Just kiddiing.

She works at a Care Center where she is GREAT at her job.  She is always happy to see her residents, and they are always happy to see her.

Her Texas Sheet Cake is the best in the world. Amen.

Her house always smells nice, and clean...unless the Brahman Breeder is there.

Her backyard holds about 50% of my childhood memories, and only one of them involves me tearing up her grass because I don't know how to golf...

She is very fashionable.  (Seriously, if I could raid her closet I would be set for the rest of my life...Oh wait, I did raid her closet at our garage sale, and now I am a much happier and content person.)

She is a Christian lady, that sets one of the best examples a girl could ever need.

She is my Mom (grandma) and I love her.

'Nuff said.

Peace, Love, & Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Sweet T
(Your granddaughter...but you already knew that.)

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