Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Meal of All Meals

Good food is a thing I cherish.

Every time I encounter it I want to wrap it up in my arms and sing sweetly to it, and then, well...eat it of course.

I try not to sing to it in public though. People generally frown upon that.

There are a few occasions when singing is definitely necessary...Last night was one of those occasions.

I went over to my friend Shandi's house...

Side note: Hi Shandi...I hope it's ok that I'm blogging about you.  I promise I won't reveal any personal information. I also won't reveal that last night we watched Dancing with the Stars and ate too much ice cream.



Ok, never mind.

Moving on...

Shandi is a food-lover after my own heart. Her parents cook a huge meal every Sunday night and the whole family comes over! Lately they've been letting me in on this Sunday Supper because I told them this huge sob story about how my parents don't feed me, and that I haven't had a home cooked meal in 6 years, and that I usually eat gum for dinner.

Just kidding, I didn't tell them that.  But if it meant I would get to eat with them all the time, I probably would tell them that.

Is that normal behavior?

I didn't think so...

Anyways, last night for some unknown and blessed reason Shandi's parents had us over again to eat....get ready for it....*Drum Roll Playing*....STEAK.

The meal of all meals.

The King of all foods.


And my plate looked like this:

It was a glorious meal.

It made me happy.

It made me cry...because I was so happy.

I ate all of it. Amen.

Peace, Love, & Thank you Shandi's parents for making me (happily) eat more than I should...

Sweet T

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